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It's refreshing to see someone from a full-service Ad Agency speak about the importance of social media.

After making it mandatory for the media dept. in 2009 to try to "figure out" Twitter due to client's inquiries at my old agency, they concluded that there was really no significance after a short 2-week stint. Their reasoning is that 20% of the users make up 80% of the content. They decided it wasn't worth it. The client's marketing departments seem to be handling the social side of campaigns.

I myself think it's a missed opportunity and feel that more agencies should take a lead role in it, because to date, social media is an abandoned orphan looking for home. No one really knows or is willing to take ownership of it. (Working on a blog post on this very topic now)

I'm happy to have stumbled across your website/blog/twitter feeds and look forward to reading more of your opinions on this and other topics.

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