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I don't completely agree with your point. The logical extension is that all messaging is devalued. While creating relevant and positive experience resulting in customer advocacy has become a key marketing objective, that doesn't mean that messaging is dead. It's yet another brand touchpoint. The messaging loses value if the promise is not delivered upon, or if the messaging is so interruptive in nature to cause a negative brand association.

Brand has always been defined by others. We engage in branding strategies to try and influence perception. Is that no longer a viable activity? Nike and Apple can drop their taglines because the symbols speak so loudly. You can't look at the swoosh without thinking "just do it," nor can you look at the Apple logo without connecting "think different." They can drop their taglines specifically because the taglines have been so effective and so representative of the brands that they are now inherent. I'll pass on Gatorade for now. I think they are going through some brand struggles. At least they kept the lightning bolt.

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